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Lost and Naked [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lost and Naked

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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2006|05:28 pm]
Lost and Naked
this week sucks.
i'm not going to say much more,
because i don't know what to say.

did some shopping today,
i'm picking up another hobby-
picture matting and framing.
i'm going to attempt to do something
with all the photographs that i've got.
ok, not *ALL* the photos i have,
because that would be ridiculous.
but i've decided to start handing out
some good photos to the people who
would most appreciate them, as gifts and such.
so i went to hobby lobby, got some mats,
an exacto knife, and a ruler (sorry, "straigtedge").
then i went to wal-mart to buy cheap frames,
and ended up getting a frame that was
already matted in the set-up i was thinking
about for some pictures i've got from san diego.
i'm a freaking genius!
anyway, my other project would be too put
together a collage of two pictures of my dad
and his twin sister, one when they were toddlers,
and one recent picture of them.
i am so sentimental it is unbelievable.

anything to take my mind off of things.
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2006|06:06 pm]
Lost and Naked
here i am at the computer lab on a sunday

just went to see brokeback mountain with my mom,
great movie,
really sad.
i'll be thinking about it a lot.

nothing else to say
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2006|06:13 pm]
Lost and Naked
oh my god when was the last time i was on here??
i've had absolutely no desire to post anything on here,
and even now, still don't really, but thought i'd give it a shot.

first week of 2006 down, 51 more weeks to go. (right?)

i just finished a delicious hazelnut latte from spirit winds,
which i shouldn't have bought this late in the day,
but if i need to tonight i will take a tylenol PM to help go to sleep.

i splurged on some stuff yesterday, using my credit card.
bought a pretty jewel-toned purple coverlet (at Target),
and a heavy-duty-i-mean-business humidifier from Sears-
which is big enough to make a 2500 square foot HOUSE humid,
and i put it in my little apartment.
what can i say, i like to be moist.

seriously, i keep saying this, but this year i WILL get a computer.
with the extra cash i'm gonna be receiving from my new job,
i should have no excuses for buying one finally.
"NEW JOB?" you ask?
yeah 2nd job to be exact...
i'll be a clinical instructor for the nursing students in their
last semester of school at the Branch.
really all i'll do is supervise them in the hospital while
they do their thing, and try not to have any of them kill a patient.
i'm excited, and nervous, but i think it will be super cool.

finally made it below $3,000 dollars that i owe on my car,
i've been paying a little extra every month the last few times,
so i get done faster.
let's not even talk about what i owe on my student loans.

christmas was fun, i was up in ruidoso,where i didn't need a jacket
for most of the time i was there.
the only snow they had was what was man-made.
new years was a blur.
i should have learned from Seth long ago the perils of drinking
an entire bottle of wine...+ 2 shots of whiskey...+ a couple glasses of champagne.
there i was again, falling asleep on the seat of a toilet.

i can feel my face burning up, right here in the computer lab.
not good.

i'm still thinking about my next tattoo.
i now want to go wild and crazy and get my whole lower back covered!
bill wants some tattoos as well, we just need to go do it,
and stop fucking talking about it.
maybe a valentines day present?

i think i'm ovulating because i've been wanting to snack all day long.
and because the scale said 140-141 lbs this morning,
where as yesterday morning it was at 139 lbs. with the exact
same clothes on.
don't tell me i just gained 1-2 lbs of fat in 24 hours!
it was all water i tell you!!
eating at denny's last night had nothing to do with it!
(nor did the snacking)

okay enough of the random thoughts.
i'll see ya'll lataz
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2005|10:14 pm]
Lost and Naked
don't you love my new icon!??
well OLD picture, but NEW icon.
oh that was quite a birthday!
for me anyways....

i'm so tired!
my lids are heavy and stinging.
and i'm still going to the club.
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2005|10:30 pm]
Lost and Naked
i think i need to update my interests here pretty soon

i listened to my Postal Service cd today
and thought of you, Amanda!

nothing else to say, except
i forgot about seeing Against Me
last sunday in SD,
and that was fun as hell,
except there were so many damned kids there!!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2005|06:50 pm]
Lost and Naked
it's been a while!

san diego was beautiful,
great weather
and the concert was fun.
some pics:

obviously not MY photos...
#1 being The Heartaches (ugh...)
#2 being The Bronx (kickass)
#3 being Rocket From The Crypt

notice in photo number one the girl in the white nurses outfit
in the lower right hand corner, and the guy to her left
in the red flower pot hat?? yeah, me and Bill!
okay i recycled my nurses outfit,
but i was desperate for a costume, and this worked out well.
i actually bought the hat and some white fishnet's that day,
shopping in Pacific Beach.
we were NOT that close for RFTC,
i almost got crushed in the rush for the stage when they came on.
soon after they came on actually i made my way to the back of
the room and parked myself next to the bar,
probably a bad idea since i was hit on and harrassed by drunk people,
i even got flogged by the devil!
Brandon was up front the whole time, he's a trooper.

i love taking road trips, i have my favorite truck stops
that i have to stop at each time.
my fave fave now is the one outside of Benson, Arizona-
it really makes me wanna buy Arizona souvenirs,
like those personalized license plates.
and buy a "Southwestern Blanket",
just cuz.

i've thought up another tattoo idea, so lets go get tattoos!

that was quite a topic change!

well that's all for now, see ya later
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2005|06:03 pm]
Lost and Naked

Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 40%

Envy: 20%

Greed: 20%

Wrath: 20%

Gluttony: 0%

Lust: 0%

Pride: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%

You will get bugs, because you're too lazy to shoo them off. And then you'll die.

that doesn't even make any sense

out riding my bike, stopped here to peruse livejournal.
not much going on.
will be leaving for San Diego on saturday,
after the show
--lets go tailgating everybody!--
which reminds me, i need to look online to see where
there is a Sephora store in SD,
and there was one other place that i can't think of...
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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2005|09:39 pm]
Lost and Naked
throat hurts, sleepy
no other cold symptoms really,
what's going on?

ruidoso this weekend was beautiful.
we drove up to the top of a mountain
on sunday morning, the most
gorgeous view i've ever seen.
the colors of the sky and the
surrounding landscape were awesome.
hopefully my photos will attest
to that fact.
my landscapes usually don't come out well though.

my grandma is laid up in bed up there,
that's why we went, to go visit.
she's okay, but the last chemo drug she took
like basically burned the skin on her feet
and her hands (or made them act like they were burned)
so she can't stand or walk because it's too painful.
and she had sheets of skin coming off of her hands.
anyway, my aunt has been taking care of her,
and needless to say they are both at their wits end.
but my dad is torn, he doesn't know what to do,
it's not like he can stay up there and change
my grandma's diapers, can he???
-which is an activity i participated in this weekend-
"hey nurse, get over here!"

anyhoo! beautiful scenery none the less!

and they didn't need me at work today, very odd.
i kinda feel like a bum.
didn't even go work out, in case they did
call me to come in.

uh, that's all i guess
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2005|08:29 pm]
Lost and Naked
and now for my weekly update...

i am so chilled right now, it is hard for me to type,
this damn computer lab! (either too hot or too cold)

so last Friday!
Henry Rollins!
oh my god, so good!
i didn't know exactly what to expect-
poetry, comedy? what?
but it was 2.5 hours of him just
talking about stuff,
he had so many good stories,
some political and some just funny.
he was sooo sexy! just kidding.
and after the show-
and after bill and i left for a bit
to go get a hotel room-
we came back downtown and the tour bus
was *still* outside the Sunshine,
and guess who was outside of it?
Henry Rollins!
there weren't too many people hanging around,
so i jumped in there, said
"I loved your show, thank you so much!"
and shook HENRY ROLLINS' hand!!!!!
he said something like thank you back.
but i was just on cloud 9.
even bill thought that was pretty cool
(he didn't want to interact with him,
because he still has the image in his head
of Henry as an angry young man singing for
Black Flag, when he saw them at 14 years old
in El Paso-not a jovial 44 year old).
yeah, i rock...

my battery died in albuquerque too!
we got stranded at the Einstein's Bagel
on Central, got a jumpstart from a clerk
at the diamond shamrock,
then drove up to auto zone to buy a new battery.
we were out of a stereo though,
since mine is antitheft,
and if the power gets cut to it,
you have to have a code to make it work again.
ofcourse i didn't have a code.
i had to call sisbarro on monday
to get it.
so we bought a boombox at walmart
on our way out of town so bill could
listen to the new cd's he bought.
and the boombox sucked too!
i'm gonna wrap it back up nicely
and get my money back.

work yesterday,
one of the kids i was taking care of,
his mom's boyfriend was watching him
during the afternoon,
and i walk into the room,
and the boyfriend is like
"didn't we go to school together?"
and i look and it's
Brian Hays
ha ha ha.
it's funny cuz, when did i ever talk
to him in high school (or elementary school
or middle school for that matter)?
and then he's like
he was actually very nice to me,
and i am just always amazed at people
who say they remember me from high school.

also, just saw that i got an email from my mom,
it was a forwarded email from Jason.
yes, my first boyfriend jason.
i don't know why, but he keeps in contact
with her, and even i think some of my aunts.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
he even sent a picture to her of the wedding,
but it wouldn't open in my email.

anyway, i've got a little shopping to do online,
before home calls.
see you all later (it was almost ya'll)
i'm off this weekend,
what are we doing?
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2005|07:39 pm]
Lost and Naked
i watched too much tv today ("SuperNanny"),
cuz now i have a headache.
i hate those sons-a-bitches.

i am now again officially certified to perform
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)-
ask to see my card!!
(when i get the new one in)

next friday-Henry Rollins!
bill reminded me, however,
that since this is his spoken word performance,
and not a show by any of his bands,
he WILL NOT be clad in only
a pair of sweaty black track shorts
with his huge sweaty biceps and shoulders
and back and thighs and.....
(a girl can dream though, can't she?)

now, on home for some pot pie.
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